Adaptive Investments ETF List

Ticker SymbolNameIssuerCategoryMarket CapYieldExpense RatioLast Price30 Day Change %Description
AMAXAdaptive RH Hedged Multi-Asset Income ETFAdaptive InvestmentsMulti Asset$36,738,4848.05%1.13%$7.52-3.37%AMAX actively manages a global portfolio of equities and fixed income securities aiming for total return. The fund uses a market trend model to initiate periods of hedging.
AHHXAdaptive High Income ETFAdaptive InvestmentsAsset Allocation$7,452,1164.33%-1.53%Acquired Fund" means any investment company in which the Fund invests or has invested during the previous fiscal year. The "Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses" and "Net Annual Fund Operating Expenses" will not match the Fund's gross and net expense ratios reported in the Financial Highlights from the Fund's financial statements, which reflect the operating expenses of the Fund and do not include Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses.
RHRXRH Tactical Rotation ETFAdaptive InvestmentsMulti Asset$19,114,6040.00%1.34%$12.30-3.59%RHRX is a fund-of-funds that utilizes sector rotation strategies in its attempt to capitalize on changes in the business cycle. The fund is actively managed.
RHTXRH Tactical Outlook ETFAdaptive InvestmentsMulti Asset$18,749,5220.00%1.39%$13.32-3.78%RHTX actively manages ETFs and funds that provide exposure to equities and fixed income securities, aiming for total return and downside protection.