Harbor ETF List

Ticker SymbolNameIssuerCategoryMarket CapYieldExpense RatioLast Price30 Day Change %Description
HGERHarbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETFHarborCommodity0.68%$22.97Access a vehicle that targets liquid and inflation sensitive commodities, accounts for the multiple forms of inflation, addresses the impact of futures roll yields, eliminates the need for K-1 tax filing*, leverages the potential benefits of an ETF, and more.
SIHYHarbor Scientific Alpha High-Yield ETFHarborFixed Income0.48%$43.49The investment seeks total return. Under normal market conditions, the fund invests at least 80% of its net assets, plus borrowings for investment purposes.
SIFIHarbor Scientific Alpha Income ETFHarborFixed Income0.50%$42.09SIFI is an actively managed fund that invests in a wide array of fixed income securities of any maturity and credit quality selected using a proprietary quantitative method.
RENWHarbor Energy Transition Strategy ETFHarborCommodity0.80%$15.20RENW tracks an index that provides exposure to at least 10 different commodities focused on or expected to benefit from the global transition to low carbon and renewable energy.
RMIFLHA Risk-Managed Income ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsFixed Income1.27%$25.22Actively managed fund-of-funds that provides diversified coverage of fixed-income securities. The fund seeks current income and capital preservation by using proprietary analysis and a discretionary allocation approach.
MSVXLHA Market State Alpha Seeker ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsAlternatives1.23%$23.88The LHA Market State™ Alpha Seeker ETF (Ticker Symbol: MSVX) seeks to provide positive returns, across multiple market cycles, that are generally not correlated to the US equity or fixed income markets.
MEDIHarbor Health Care ETFHarborActive Equity0.80%$22.19MEDI seeks long-term capital growth by actively managing a narrow portfolio of stocks engaged in the health care sector globally.
GDIVHarbor Dividend Growth Leaders ETFHarborActive Equity0.50%$12.47GDIV is an actively managed fund of large-cap, dividend-paying companies in the developed markets. Holdings are selected using a bottom-up fundamental approach.
HAPIHarbor Corporate Culture ETFHarborActive Equity0.36%$26.07The Human Capital Factor measures intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that establishes the relationship between employee well-being and business fundamentals which, in turn, can impact equity performance.
MSTQLHA Market State Tactical Q ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsActive Equity1.48%$25.91MSTQ is an actively managed fund that seeks to outperform index-based US large-cap growth stocks by tactically allocating such net long exposure generally in a range between 80%-120%, based on market volatility expectations.
HAPYHarbor Corporate Culture Leaders ETFHarborPassive Equity0.50%$18.49Seeks to provide investment results that correspond, before fees and expenses, to the performance of the Human Capital Factor Unconstrained Index.
WINNHarbor Long-Term Growers ETFHarborPassive Equity0.57%The actively-managed strategy seeks long-term growth of capital by employing a proprietary combination of bottom-up, fundamental research and systematic portfolio construction.
INNOHarbor Disruptive Innovation ETFHarborActive Equity0.75%$12.75Seeks to invest in leading edge, industry transforming companies across sectors, market cap ranges, and regions which can enable more diverse exposure and enhance investors’ opportunity set.
MSUSLHA Market State U.S. Tactical ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsLittle Harbor AdvisorsN/A1.18%This ETF is no longer active.