CI Financial ETF List

Ticker SymbolNameIssuerCategoryMarket CapYieldExpense Ratio30 Day Change %Last PriceDescription
XCORFundX ETFCI FinancialPassive Equity$139,407,6220.00%1.39%6.26%$50.46FundX ETF (XCOR) is a simple way to own a portfolio of diversified stock ETFs that is actively managed to navigate changing markets. XCOR could be a core holding for investors looking to build wealth over time by taking market-level risk.
XNAVFundX Aggressive ETFCI FinancialPassive Equity$23,430,9950.00%1.41%5.20%$53.01The Aggressive ETF (XNAV) gives you a diversified portfolio of speculative stock ETFs, like sector and country-specific ETFs, in one fund purchase. XNAV is an easy way to add exposure to ETFs that take higher risk in search of higher returns.