Equitable ETF List

Ticker SymbolNameIssuerCategoryMarket CapYieldExpense RatioLast Price30 Day Change %Description
YEARAB Ultra Short Income ETFEquitableFixed Income$587,691,0004.72%0.25%$50.120.79%Looks to deliver higher levels of yield relative to cash or cash-like investments, while aiming for capital preservation and liquidity in all market cycles.
FWDAB Disruptors ETF EquitableActive Equity$181,474,0000.00%0.65%$55.039.90%An actively managed strategy that takes a thematic approach to identify disruptive leaders across sectors and geographies
HIDVAB US High Dividend ETF EquitableActive Equity$5,674,2100.00%0.45%$54.925.12%An active ETF that seeks to provide core US equity exposure with attractive dividend income and the potential for capital growth
LOWVAB US Low Volatility Equity ETF EquitablePassive Equity$17,385,5400.00%0.48%$55.014.86%An actively managed portfolio of US large cap equity companies that seeks to outperform the market with less volatility
TAFIAB Tax-Aware Short Duration Municipal ETFEquitableFixed Income$287,500,0003.19%0.27%$24.801.84%TAFI is an actively managed ETF that primarily invests in investment-grade municipal bonds from the United States. The fund seeks to maintain a dollar-weighted average duration of less than three years.