ClearShares LLC ETF List

Ticker SymbolNameIssuerCategoryMarket CapYieldExpense RatioLast Price30 Day Change %Description
OCIOClearShares OCIO ETFClearSharesMulti Asset$129,018,1203.44%0.62%-3.02%Seeks to outperform a traditional 60/40 mix of global equity & fixed-income investments.
OPERClearShares Ultra-Short Maturity ETFClearSharesFixed Income$211,239,0003.83%0.20%0.87%Actively managed portfolio seeking current income by investing in repurchase “repo” agreements, collateralized by U.S. Government Securities and other fixed income instruments.
PIFIClearShares Piton Intermediate Fixed income ETFClearSharesFixed Income$99,433,0701.52%0.46%-1.27%The fund primarily invests in investment-grade corporate bonds, U.S. government agency bonds and U.S. Treasury notes and focuses on maximizing total-return.