Retireful LLC ETF List

Ticker SymbolNameIssuerCategoryMarket CapYieldExpense RatioLast Price30 Day Change %Description
MFULMindful Conservative ETFRetireful LLCMulti Asset$54,924,7504.91%1.07%$21.501.89%MFUL is an actively managed ETF that aims to seek current income using an adaptive, conservative strategy that aims to performs adequately during a recovery. The fund invests in a variety of asset classes using a tactical go-anywhere approach.
SNAVMohr Sector Nav ETFRetireful LLCActive Equity$46,389,8933.07%0.90%5.69%The fund is an actively managed exchange traded fund that is managed by the adviser and designed for investors looking for long-term growth and who can tolerate large principal value fluctuations.
RULEAdaptive Core ETFRetireful LLCMulti Asset$38,872,5001.87%0.91%$19.164.68%RULE is an actively-managed fund that invests in a wide array of securities of any asset class, market capitalization, geography, credit quality, and maturity. The fund seeks current income and long-term capital appreciation.
MOHRMohr Growth ETFRetireful LLCAsset Allocation$67,588,5001.60%0.96%$18.716.85%MOHR is an actively managed fund that invests in equity securities of any market cap, geography, and investment style. The fund uses a tactical go-anywhere approach as its strategy.