Little Harbor Advisors ETF List

Ticker SymbolNameIssuerCategoryMarket CapYieldExpense RatioLast Price30 Day Change %Description
RMIFLHA Risk-Managed Income ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsFixed Income$31,266,7504.26%1.27%$25.22-0.01%Actively managed fund-of-funds that provides diversified coverage of fixed-income securities. The fund seeks current income and capital preservation by using proprietary analysis and a discretionary allocation approach.
MSVXLHA Market State Alpha Seeker ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsAlternatives$21,464,5503.58%1.23%$23.88-0.32%The LHA Market State™ Alpha Seeker ETF (Ticker Symbol: MSVX) seeks to provide positive returns, across multiple market cycles, that are generally not correlated to the US equity or fixed income markets.
MSTQLHA Market State Tactical Q ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsActive Equity$14,387,9500.75%1.48%$25.91-5.85%MSTQ is an actively managed fund that seeks to outperform index-based US large-cap growth stocks by tactically allocating such net long exposure generally in a range between 80%-120%, based on market volatility expectations.
MSUSLHA Market State U.S. Tactical ETFLittle Harbor AdvisorsLittle Harbor AdvisorsN/A$3,436,5001.18%This ETF is no longer active.